Design and Optimization of a 4x4 Directional Microstrip Patch Antenna

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Elif Aydın


In this paper, the proposed 4×4 microstrip patch is designed for the industrial, scientific, and material( ISM ) frequency X - band. The antenna is designed at 9.3 GHz in X - band and FR4 material that have thichness1.6 mm and dielectric constant 4.4. Our aim is to obtain a high directivity with better gain and reduced losses. We used in this project (HFSS) commercial software to obtain EM simulation. We did an optimization tool to obtain our goal. We started by designing a 2×2 array of microstrip antenna after that we extended it to 4×4 a rectangular microstrip patch antenna. The simulation result after the optimization for 2×2 is S11= -12.6 dB the gain is 9 dB and for 4×4 microstrip array is  S11= - 13.9 dB and the gain is 6 dB. The design of a 2x2 microstrip array has been manufactured and tested in the laboratory. Further, we will extend it to16×16 array of microstrip antenna 


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ADWEP, F., BOBREEG, M., & Aydın, E. (2022). Design and Optimization of a 4x4 Directional Microstrip Patch Antenna. Surman Journal of Science and Technology, 4(2), 018–026. Retrieved from
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