Degradation of Polymers Insulators used in Electrical Transmission Lines under the Rate of Bond Breaking

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Ali Mustafa Madi
Nizar Ramadan Ramadan
Abubaker Kashada
Khalid J Bisher


Polymer insulators, critical components in electrical systems, are prone to deterioration over time, particularly under dynamic conditions characterized by the rate of bond breaking. This study delves into the intricate mechanisms governing the degradation of polymer insulators exposed to varying rates of bond breaking. Employing a combination of experimental simulations and computational modeling, the research aims to unveil the underlying chemical and physical processes responsible for this degradation. Additionally, the investigation explores the impact of environmental factors on the rate of bond breaking and subsequent degradation.

The research endeavors to provide a comprehensive understanding of the molecular-level transformations occurring within polymer insulators, shedding light on the nuanced aspects of their degradation. By identifying these mechanisms, the study seeks to propose effective strategies to mitigate degradation, ultimately enhancing the longevity and performance of polymer insulators. The anticipated outcomes hold the potential to guide the development of more resilient polymer insulators, contributing significantly to the reliability and efficiency of diverse electrical systems.

The significance of this work extends to its alignment with the increasing demand for robust electrical systems. By addressing the challenges associated with polymer insulator degradation, the research stands as a pivotal contribution to the fields of electrical engineering and materials science. The insights gained from this study are poised to have a lasting impact on the design and implementation of polymer insulators, fostering advancements that bolster the overall reliability of electrical systems


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Ali Mustafa Madi, Ramadan, N. R., Abubaker Kashada, & Khalid J Bisher. (2024). Degradation of Polymers Insulators used in Electrical Transmission Lines under the Rate of Bond Breaking. Surman Journal of Science and Technology, 6(1), 016–028. Retrieved from
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