(Design Criteria for Silicone Rubber Insulators (Composite Insulator

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Ali Mustafa Madi
Khaled El Hadad
Ltfei Abdalsms
Nezar G. Arabi Ayad


Insulators are used to perform both the electrical and mechanical functions. As such the design of such materials should be made such that the insulators can perform the functions optimally without failing or break. Insulators are used to provide mechanical support as well as prevent the flow of electricity that is not required for the transmission of high voltage electricity. This research paper aims to discuss the design criteria for silicone rubber insulators. The method used in the study involved includes the review of literature from various sources regarding design standards for silicone rubber insulators. The results indicate the electrical and mechanical integrity are some of the most important aspects of insulators.  The composite insulators can thus be affected by elements such as chemicals, temperature, sunlight and humidity. The results of the study can be used to design successfully, construct and install reliable composite insulators to be used in high voltage electricity transmission lines. 


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Ali Mustafa Madi, Khaled El Hadad, Ltfei Abdalsms, & Nezar G. Arabi Ayad. (2020). (Design Criteria for Silicone Rubber Insulators (Composite Insulator. Surman Journal for Science and Technology, 2(3), 006–001. Retrieved from https://sjst.scst.edu.ly/index.php/sjst/article/view/9
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